ATLX Indirect Gas Heaters

- Reduces energy consumption up to 25%

- No CO2 emissions inside shed

- Provides drier litter reducing animal health issues

- Outdoor installation - Easy maintenance & cleaning

- Fired by Natural Gas or Propane

- Made for harsh weather conditions

- Integrates easily with shed controllers

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Roxell Heaters

A full range of livestock heaters with a unique solution for every need

Hired Hand Heaters & Parts

Hired-Hand heaters have been the trusted market leader in climate control systems within pig and poultry operations for over 40 years.

We stock Hired Hand heaters and heater parts & supply across NZ.

LB White Heaters & Parts

GuardianĀ® poultry complex heaters and pullet house heaters provide consistent, dependable heat that helps control poultry building temperature.


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