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Roxell Silos - Bulk Feed Bins

Roxell has a wide range of galvanized feed storage bins. A metal feed storage bin from Roxell keeps feed dry, fresh, and nutritious like no other. Temperature fluctuations between day and night are kept to a minimum, thanks to the corrugated metal exterior structure. Inside, there is less condensation and moisture, which improves the quality of the feed. A metal feed storage bin prevents mould from accumulating and feed from congealing.

GSI Silos - Bulk Feed Bins

Solid Construction, Trusted Performance


 Capacities up to 2,678 bu. (60.52 MT)
 Diameters from 6' to 15' (1.83-4.57 m)
 Durable construction and reliable support.
 Superior weather resistant features.
 Fully accessible bin lid.


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