Animal Cooling & Fans

Animals not handling the heat?  

We supply quality agricultural fans in multiple sizes and brands to keep your animals cool.

Skov BF 50 BlueFan

The BF 50 fan can replace traditional box fans as a one-to-one solution. It is a 50-inch box fan and thus fits into the existing holes upon replacement. Likewise, you can often reuse the existing electrical installation and controller.

Traditional box fans, made of galvanized metal, require replacements at regular intervals as they are exposed to the harsh environment of the livestock house.

In contrast, the BF 50 is made of thermoplastic and stainless steel – non-corrosive materials that, by far, better withstand the harsh environment in a modern livestock house. 

The BF 50 with air-controlled shutters provides more insulation than traditional box fans. The shutter is more airtight, and the box is better insulated.

You can choose the BF 50 with motor-controlled shutters for optimized climate and animal welfare.


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