Roxell Poultry Drinking Equipment

Plasson is a world leader in water system solutions for Poultry, with 50 years of experience meeting demands of water and drinking needs.

Plasson Nipple Systems

Plasson provides a full range of nipple systems which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor made to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimal performance for best results.
  • Top quality materials to withstand active birds behavior for many years
  • Each and every nipple leaving Plasson manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing
  • Structural simplicity – Plasson nipple consists of only three stainless steel components, resulting a robust, reliable and maintenance free system
  • Flawless regulators for head, mid and split line configurations
  • Durable long lasting pvc tubes and aluminum profiles
  • Central house water head with various treatment and medicating options

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